Passie Pensioneert Nooit voor Ferran Adria

“To me cuisine, gastronomy, is a way of understanding life. It is something more than just a job. Cooking is more mental than physical to me  Ferran Adria ElBulliLab Barcelona

“We are being creative with cuisine and now we usine to be creative and reflect over creativity. Our slogan is Eat Knowledge to Feed Creativity”  Ferran Adria ElBulliLab Barcelona

“I had luck to achieve thousands of things, to open doors never opened before for cuisine. What are we looking for? We were looking for the limits of what we are doing. Life is motivation. Life is looking for new challenges”.  Ferran Adria ElBulliLab Barcelona

Seeking to understand, Ferran is striving to decode the creative process. “Understanding human history and the paths others have gone through helps you avoid copying then you can forge your own future” Ferran Adria